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Frost warning system
Catalog number: 43009
Shipment:  14 Days
Price: $691.49
Our Price: $638.30
Your Profit: $53.19
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Real time data via internet for
frost warning and control
stress management

iMETOSice is the ideal instrument for frost monitoring and sms warning. no pc software is needed.the warnings arrive directly at your mobile phone.
The iMETOSice station is powered by rechargeable batteries and a solar panel, therefore
no changing or external charging of batteries is required.
iMETOSice only needs a valid GPRS contract with sufficient GSM coverage in the area and a deactivated sim lock to be operational.
imetos ice transmits the collected data every two hours to the internet climate
data baseyour internet browser and your log in passwordand you will get online reports and temperature graphs observed in your own orchards or fields. on this site there is also an area
reserved where you can input and change the thresholds (based on phenological progress)
and telephone numbers (men on duty) to be used in frost warning and/or stress
warning for evaporative cooling.
Dont leave your crop unattended in nights with frost risks.

iMETOSice is supplied with wet bulb temperature

optional sensors are:
dry bulb temperature
temperature and relative humidity
soil temperature

Technical data of iMETOSice:
dimensions without sensors: 54cm x 18 cm x 18 cm
weight without sensors: 1.2 kg
measuring interval: 5 minutes
logging interval: 60 minutes
internet access interval: 120 minutes 6oo to 22oo
temperature sensor: smt 160-30
temperature sensor resolution: 0.1c
temperature sensor accuracy: 0.5c
relative humidity sensor: hc 103