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Extraction Case
Shipment:  14 Days
Price: $551.06
Our Price: $536.17
Your Profit: $14.89
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Sample preparation is an essential part of the overall analysis. Reproducible measurements can be obtained only with always the same methodology and same extraction method. Extraction (or digestion) means the separation, the dissolution of the elements to be examined from the solids (e.g. soil or peat moss or any other growing medium.
The chemical extraction which is applied here a solvent extraction concentrate is used. Thus, the plant-vailable nutrients can be better solved from the soil or any other growing media. For analyses of water (e.g. ground or irrigation water) or nutrient solutions no extraction is necessary because the elements are already exist in dissolved form.
The LASA AGRO-case, contains the basic equipment of the system: the photometer, two variable easy-to-use piston pipettes with pipette tips, a cuvette holder and one package test cuvettes of the macroelements nitrate, ammonium, phosphate, potassium and magnesium.


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